Coronavirus Impact Update

 COVID-19 Report

We have had some members contract COVID-19 before we returned to in person service, but we have had ZERO COVID-19 outbreaks since reopening church service the first week of August 2021.  


Attendance tracking procedures are in place and tracing methods are available to find persons if necessary for COVID notification of possible exposure.  
All precautions are being made to assure that those in attendance wear masks properly and safely.   



Per San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, Arrowhead Medical Regional Center reached a milestone of zero COVID-19 patients in the hospital. The last time ARMC had zero COVID-19 patients was in March 2020.  The county’s COVID-19 numbers continue to remain low.  The county’s positivity rate (the percentage of all coronavirus tests performed that are actually positive)  has plummeted to 1.3% from a January 2022 high of 31%. “All of this is good news, but we are still in a pandemic and we all need to continue to be careful to ensure the numbers stay low,” said Public Health Director Josh Dugas.   

Going forward, Friendship will continue with our current routines and recommendations:


Masks during any services/meetings

Clean/disinfect after services

Handwashing as necessary

Use of hand sanitizer 

Minimize microphone sharing and clean thoroughly

Continue attendance monitoring for ALL member encounters so that tracing is effective if needed.

Keep The Faith
God has continued to bless us all in so many ways. We thank each of you for prayers, phone calls, and your faithful gift contributions to the ministry. A special thank you to the angels who have gone out of your way to contact and encourage those who do not have physical and/or social support. And lastly, let us continue to be vigilant in prayer for one another and for those suffering around us.  Let us continue to “Give God the Glory.”
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Larry A. Thomas, Pastor/CEO