On October 7, 1965, seven people gathered at the home of the late Mother Susie Farr to start a prayer band. It was at this meeting that the band of members expressed a desire to organize a church. The church was subsequently organized and called Rev. B.L. Jackson to be its first pastor. The church was located on South Taylor Street in the garage of Bro. C.L. Mann’s home. In early 1967 Pastor B. L. Jackson was called home to be with the Lord and was replaced in August of 1967 by Rev. L.C. Jackson as pastor. In October of 1967 Mother Pinkie Terry found a small building at 1021 South Sultana Avenue in Ontario, CA. Under the leadership of Pastor L.C. Jackson, a new building was erected and completed in July of 1972. In 1976, Rev. L.C. Jackson resigned as pastor of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. S.L. Clark was elected as pastor and served for two years. He resigned in 1978. Afterward, Rev. J.L. Jackson was elected as pastor and served faithfully until he passed away in May of 1991. Rev. Phillip Scott was elected interim pastor until Rev. Carnal Phillips was elected to the pastorate in December of 1991. Pastor Phillips served faithfully and built the current church sanctuary. He was called home to be with the Lord in July of 2003. Friendship was without a pastor for nearly two and a half years until Rev. Larry A. Thomas was called to the pastoral position on December 1, 2005. Pastor Thomas was officially installed on March 5, 2006.