Rev. Larry A. Thomas, Pastor

Evelyn Mitchell, Sunday School Superintendent


 Sunday School Lessons * June  2020


Theme: Living With Hope In A Broken World

  • June 7 – The Basis for Our Hope (I Peter 1:1-9)

  Our hope is based on the death & resurrection of Jesus. (1:1-3)

    Our hope is secure for eternity. (1:4-5)

        Our hope is displayed through genuine faith. (1:6-9)

  The Point: Only hope in Christ is sure and certain.
  •  June 14 – The Expression of our Hope (I Peter 1:13-25)

Live in grace & holiness rather than conformity to the world.  (1:13-16)

Live as God’s people because we have been redeemed from the world. (1:17-21)

Live according to God’s word in order to remain pure in this world. (1:22-25)

The Point: Our hope in Christ changes how we view the world and live in it.
  • June 21 – The Testimony of our Hope (I Peter 2:4-15)

When we hope in Christ, we are never put to shame. (2:4-6)

Others may reject Christ, but we stand confidently of who we are in Christ (2:7-10)

 Our lives can lead others to glorify God. (2:11-15)

The Point: Our hope in Christ points others to Him.
  • June 28 – The Endurance of Our Hope (I Peter 3:8-17)

We are called to love and bless even those who intend evil toward us. (3:8-12)

Our hope in Christ carries us through any circumstance or suffering. (3:13-14)

Faithfulness in suffering, an opportunity,  hope in Christ.  (3:15-17)

The Point: We can endure suffering because of our hope in Christ.